Non-fiction books written by Clive Verrall.

Each book sharing decades of insight and lessons learnt from seasoned industry professionals.


What you need to know to join a big corporation

Land a corporate career and shine in your first month This book is for people with ambition that want to ...

Inside Information Technology at a Top Tier Investment Bank

Could you make a successful and rewarding career in Investment Banking IT? You may know about IT systems, but each ...

Achieve Personal Success in Enterprise IT Offshoring, Outsourcing and Captive Centre Management

This book will help you make a success of offshoring, outsourcing and managing captive centres. You may already be involved ...

Raising your internet business

How to deliver successful web projects for your small business Do you want your business to be among many businesses ...

Learn Corporate Culture And Boost Your Career

This book is for people with ambition that want to succeed in the corporate workplace. View book on Amazon Are ...