Project: Airport Services Marketplace


Automated marketplace for airport service providers to sell their services to a wide audience. Acts like a business aggregator allowing customers who visit one website to find services at a wide range of airports. Coverage that the individual airport suppliers would not be able to offer on their own.


Laravel, VueJS, MySQL, AWS Lambda, AWS SES


Privacy and homogenity was a big challenge. When they are buying or in post sales after care, the customer shouldn’t need to know who the supplier of the service is, they just deal with the market place. This is similar to a multi-tenancy requirement while at the same time allowing customer to communicate with any tenant anonymously.

One of the solutions was a to build a custom online messaging system between suppliers and customers. It is anonymous and can be used online or the emails it generates can be replied to directly.

There is also the ever present challenge of a global marketplace in accurately converting time zones and currencies while hiding this complexity from the customer.


Version 1 was delivered in 6 months (very fast for the amount of functionality that was created in this time).