Achieve Personal Success in Enterprise IT Offshoring, Outsourcing and Captive Centre Management

This book will help you make a success of offshoring, outsourcing and managing captive centres. You may already be involved in offshoring today, your employer may have told you it is planning to offshore or you may have been asked to evaluate a company’s strategy which includes offshoring. This book will help you from any of these starting points. You may have heard that offshoring saved one organisation millions of dollars but simultaneously another organisation is mysteriously reducing its outsourcing. But what does it really mean and are these subjects comparable? Reading this book will help you answer these questions for yourself and allow you to define and evaluate offshoring strategy.

Offshoring is a huge subject. It has its own vocabulary and its own set of specific skills which are not part of the mainstream. It has its own models and lifecycles. It is a product of the “flat world” and the interconnected global economy that we now live in. If you want to understand the practicalities of this subject in order to ensure your own personal success in offshoring, outsourcing, building an offshore centre, or in setting IT strategy or you are just curious about
lifting the lid on this vast subject then this book will help you.

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This book includes advice and lessons learnt from real offshoring experiences. This is not a book about statistical trends in offshoring or untested management theory.