Project: WordPress Plugin for word translation


Intermediate and advanced language learners need selective help to further their learning. They don’t want to translate whole pages or even whole paragraphs of text. This plugin allows the learner to read as much as possible and then to click only on the words that need to be translated. The translations are added the article being read and the user can be tested on them afterwards using a built in flashcards module.
This is achieved here with a custom WordPress plugin that uses the Google Translate API.


WordPress, PHP, WordPress Plugin development, jQuery, Google Translate REST API


The biggest challenge may also seem the simplest, it was how to dynamically identify each separate word on the page such that it can be translated independently of the rest of the text. This includes being able to separate the words to be displayed from the HTML mark-up on the page. There are may solutions to this but the most elegant of solutions are excluded by the likelihood of users not having the latest browsers.


The project was complete in under a week including design, development, testing and deployment.

My Role

Design, development, testing and project management.


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