Project: WooCommerce Extension for Film Festivals

Summary International Film Festivals allow for indie films to be publicized and reviewed. Entering a film project into a film festival requires a lot of business specific data about the film and how it was made. This WordPress plugin allows the festival organizers to take bookings online and to collect the information they need to […]

Project: Online store for stress relief

Summary The client has a specialist all natural product for reducing stress. The website delivered allows the customers to find out all about the benefits of the product and then to purchase it online. Technologies WordPress e-commerce solution with WooCommerce. Theme development and customization. Challenges This was quite a design challenge, to come up […]

Project: Magnet Board Game on WordPress

Summary To aid with language learning this online application offers a fun way to build sentences from random words scattered on the web page. The administrator can define sentences and put them in categories. The user chooses a category and is given a scattered sentence to put in the right order. Works well for languages […]

Project: WordPress Plugin for word translation

Summary Intermediate and advanced language learners need selective help to further their learning. They don’t want to translate whole pages or even whole paragraphs of text. This plugin allows the learner to read as much as possible and then to click only on the words that need to be translated. The translations are added the […]

Project: WordPress E-Commerce Shop for 3D Printing

Summary An e-commerce shop for 3D printing materials and services. Technologies WordPress, PHP, custom WordPress plugins. Challenges The full range of materials and services needed to be included in the first delivery although many of the materials and services themselves were not yet ready. This required a lot of research and discussion on the […]

Project: WordPress e-commerce for 3D Printing Service

Summary Created an online web application for a complete 3D Printing service in WordPress. The application allows the user to get an automatic quote for printing their 3D model as well as giving the service team a complete order management system. Technologies WordPress, PHP, jQuery, custom WordPress plugins. All the application functionality was achieved […]