Project: WordPress e-commerce for 3D Printing Service


Created an online web application for a complete 3D Printing service in WordPress. The application allows the user to get an automatic quote for printing their 3D model as well as giving the service team a complete order management system.


WordPress, PHP, jQuery, custom WordPress plugins.
All the application functionality was achieved by creating custom WordPress plugins this included the automatic quotations, data maintenance and back office order management.


This was the first big web application that I built in WordPress and I wasn’t an expert on 3D printing. I did a lot of research and discussion with the client to be able outline what was technically possible. A further challenge is that everything is parameter driven allowing the client to tweak the quotation model for different print colors, materials or speed of delivery.


The project was complete within 2 months elapsed including design, development, testing and deployment.

My Role

Design, development, testing and project management.


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