Project: Corporate intelligence sales tool linked to HubSpot.


Sales professionals can use online public information to help them generate sales leads if they can find the data in one place. This application sources public information from all over the web to build profiles of companies that the user would like to follow and interact with.
Then it works with HubSpot CRM to help the salesperson take their lead through the sales funnel to the deal at the end.


MySQL, PHP, jQuery. HubSpot REST API.


The data warehouse for this application must be able to cope with third party data coming from multiple sources. It needs to know which sources it can trust over other sources, this requires complicated rules as well a tracking sources accurately. The feeding application needs to be able to talk to multiple sources that could be in different formats which can lead to challenges in interpreting the data when the format of the source data is not that strict. Natural language processing is required in a number of cases.


The project is preparing for its first pilot.

My Role

Technical design, all development and testing.