Project: Airport Services Marketplace

Summary Automated marketplace for airport service providers to sell their services to a wide audience. Acts like a business aggregator allowing customers who visit one website to find services at a wide range of airports. Coverage that the individual airport suppliers would not be able to offer on their own. Technology Laravel, VueJS, MySQL, AWS […]

Project: Nutrition planner

Summary When someone has a weight loss/gain goal then they often need help to reach that goal. Not everyone has access to their own personal coach. This web application is used to automatically suggest menus to reach weight goals. It does this by asking each person about their goals and their food likes and dislikes. […]

Project: Corporate intelligence sales tool linked to HubSpot.

Summary Sales professionals can use online public information to help them generate sales leads if they can find the data in one place. This application sources public information from all over the web to build profiles of companies that the user would like to follow and interact with. Then it works with HubSpot CRM to […]

Project: Airbnb host management application

Summary Airbnb offers limited tools to its hosting clients. If these hosts have lots of rooms to rent they need better tools to manage all the arrival and departure organization for their guests. This web application allows a host to see all their bookings and to automatically send requests for additional information to their guests […]

Project: Scavenger Hunt Application

Summary A new application in which a scavenger hunt could be designed (different types of questions, answers and exercises) and run online without paper. The application manages multiple scavenger events allowing the host to define the venue, the difficulty of questions and additional exercises. The participants get their questions online and answer online after which […]

Project: Add User Authentication and Profiles to an Existing Website

Summary The client had developed an extensive website in HTML with complex dashboard pages. He needed access control infrastructure to be added and integrated with each page. Each user had their own profile including profile photo. The solution was to convert the pages to PHP and to integrate an authentication module on top of MySQL […]

Project: WIX Sales Leads to ShootQ

Summary The client was using ShootQ to manage his growing photography business. However, his business website was built in WIX which may have allowed point and click website building but it couldn’t talk to ShootQ. I a built an application that was visible through the WIX website that allowed potential customers to leave their photography […]