Project: Golf Tour and Homestay online booking


As the sales portal for a specialized holiday tours business, the client asked for two separate booking websites to be made. The goal was to be visually appealing as well as making it easy for the customers to book their tours.


WordPress, jQuery, HTML5, CSS3


I had to learn a new theme “Good Layers Tour Package” well enough to be able to heavily customize it to the client’s requirements. My understanding of Contact Form 7 stretched when the client wanted dynamic forms that unfold as the customer makes his tour selections. It was a challenge to continue with these tools and add small amounts of JS/HTML/CSS when there was a strong urge to write my own solutions but this would have been a bad idea as the client wanted to be able to fully support the website himself after the first delivery.


The project was complete in 4 weeks elapsed including design, development, testing and deployment.

My Role

Design, development, testing and project management. I also wrote draft copy for call to action and other areas.


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