Product: Event ticketing


Delivery of an online SaaS platform for selling event tickets, vendor pitches and concessions.

Coconut Tickets


REST API, PHP, Slim Framework, WordPress, jQuery, HTML5, CSS3 and Android/Java.


Completely new SaaS platform from scratch, bootstrapped. The main challenge was to deliver the first version for the very first client in 6 months and then to be able to build upon that delivery to add much more (already promised) functionality in the next 12 months. Committing to the Lean methodology meant that it was not possible to design the end target state right at the beginning, but it was necessary to anticipate the major evolution to come.

WordPress REST API was great to help deliver communication with the Android phone app very quickly, however it was not light enough to be used for a 10,000 ticket event. This was avoided by introducing the Slim Framework for REST APIs.


This is a product development that went live in 6 months (January 2017) and is still evolving now.

My Role

Founder, development, testing and project management.