Project: Beaver Builder Hover Box Plugin

Summary On other commercial websites the client had seen boxes that would open and display their contents when the mouse hovered over. We nicknamed these as “Hover Boxes”. To easily add a Hover Box in WordPress the client asked for a Beaver Builder Hover Box plugin with the ability to add photos, text and images […]

Project: Beaver Builder custom page plugin

Summary The client was an expert use of Beaver Builder plugins and themes who wanted to be able to build 3 types of pages quickly with Beaver Builder. To achieve this I built three separate Beaver Builder plugins for WordPress, each plugin was a template that included Beaver Builder controls for the fast creation of […]

Project: Nutrition planner

Summary When someone has a weight loss/gain goal then they often need help to reach that goal. Not everyone has access to their own personal coach. This web application is used to automatically suggest menus to reach weight goals. It does this by asking each person about their goals and their food likes and dislikes. […]

Project: WooCommerce single product showcase

Summary The client has a specialist traffic management product to be sold online. He had an existing website but no e-commerce infrastructure. This custom WordPress plugin allowed him to showcase all the features of the safety product with one click to reach the checkout with the right product. Technologies WordPress WooCommerce. Customized plugins. PHP […]

Project: WooCommerce Extension for Film Festivals

Summary International Film Festivals allow for indie films to be publicized and reviewed. Entering a film project into a film festival requires a lot of business specific data about the film and how it was made. This WordPress plugin allows the festival organizers to take bookings online and to collect the information they need to […]

Project: Corporate intelligence sales tool linked to HubSpot.

Summary Sales professionals can use online public information to help them generate sales leads if they can find the data in one place. This application sources public information from all over the web to build profiles of companies that the user would like to follow and interact with. Then it works with HubSpot CRM to […]

Project: Airbnb host management application

Summary Airbnb offers limited tools to its hosting clients. If these hosts have lots of rooms to rent they need better tools to manage all the arrival and departure organization for their guests. This web application allows a host to see all their bookings and to automatically send requests for additional information to their guests […]

Project: Online store for stress relief

Summary The client has a specialist all natural product for reducing stress. The website delivered allows the customers to find out all about the benefits of the product and then to purchase it online. Technologies WordPress e-commerce solution with WooCommerce. Theme development and customization. Challenges This was quite a design challenge, to come up […]

Project: Magnet Board Game on WordPress

Summary To aid with language learning this online application offers a fun way to build sentences from random words scattered on the web page. The administrator can define sentences and put them in categories. The user chooses a category and is given a scattered sentence to put in the right order. Works well for languages […]

Project: WordPress Plugin for word translation

Summary Intermediate and advanced language learners need selective help to further their learning. They don’t want to translate whole pages or even whole paragraphs of text. This plugin allows the learner to read as much as possible and then to click only on the words that need to be translated. The translations are added the […]

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